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Economic, social and legal aspects of biodefence research

Project Period: 2008 - 2010
Funding: German Ministry of Education and Research
Project officer: Iris Hunger

This project is part of a cooperative venture to develop an easy-to-handle, fast and mobile detection system for agroterrorism relevant animal disease agents. Its overarching aim is to include ethical, legal, social, economic and environmental considerations in the scientific research and development process.

In particular, the project analyses the economic, social and legal aspects of biodefence research. Three specific questions to be answered are: 1) How big and of what nature is the agroterrorism threat for Germany and Europe? 2) What economic, social and legal implications would (the threat of) an agroterrorist attack have for Germany and Europe? 3) What are economic and social requirements of the detection system under development?


In cooperation with Prof. Vladan Radosavljevic the Research Group organized a workshop “Exploring synergies between bioterrorism preparedness and general public health measures”. For further information and downloadable presentations click on the link below.