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CBRN Centers of Excellence

The Research Group for Biological Arms Control is partner of the CBRN Centers of Excellence initiative of the European Union. We contribute to the International Network of universities and institutes for raising awareness on dual-use concerns in bio-technology (Project 18). The project aims to: 

1. Develop a sustainable network of universities and research institutes to reinforce a culture of bio-safety and                     bio-security.
2. Raise awareness of dual-use concerns in bio-technology (accidents, hazardous experiments, deliberate misuse, etc.)     for academics, scientists, researchers, technicians and students.
3. Foster the exchange of information, dissemination of knowledge, transfer of best practice and design of joint initiatives,     both internally and externally among network participants and national agencies.
4. Advocate for the incremental incorporation of training materials and agreed common standards on bio-safety and             bio-security as a component of the curricula (universities) or fields of research (institutes) of the network participants.
2. Public resources developed in the course of the project will be made available here.